Highly Quality Rated


Step-Up to Quality (SUTQ) is Ohio's childcare voluntary quality and improvement system. Our childcare center is currently a Five-Star rated childcare center. This is the highest quality rating a childcare center may receive in Ohio's childcare quality improvement system!

Administrators and teachers hold
higher education qualifications than
3-Star programs.
• Administrators and teachers
demonstrate the value of ongoing
professional development by
completing more than the required
20 hours of specialized training
every two years.
• The needs, interests and abilities of
children are the basis for developing
experiences and activities.
• Teachers use child assessment results
to plan activities and make changes
to their classroom to best support
learning and development goals for
each child.
• Program has an active and organized
parent volunteer group.
• Families and community partners’
input is used to inform the program’s
continuous improvement process.
• Programs work collaboratively with
families to share assessment results,
create goals for children and develop
plans to support children as they
transition to a new classroom or
educational setting.
• Programs work with other organizations
or businesses within the community to
support children and their families.
• Lower Teacher/Child Ratios.
• Program is accredited by an
approved organization.